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(Mathematical foundations of information security)

  1. Concept of information security and its main components.
  2. Definitions of attack and threat to information security. Controls to protect information objects.
  3. Concept of defense in depth.

(Markup languages)

  1. The notion of a markup language. Basic constructs of a markup language: tags, elements and attributes.
  2. Well-formed and valid XML-documents. Document Type Definition. XML Schema.
  3. Nodes, expressions' structure, predicates of XPath Language. Transformation of XML-document by XSL: XSL templates, XML-elements and attributes processing.

(Distributed object technologies)

  1. Distributed Computing Systems: definition, distinctive features.
  2. Types of unified and distributed computing systems.
  3. Transparency in distributed systems.
  4. Paradigms of Distributed Computing: message-passing paradigm, client-server paradigm, RPC (Remote Procedure Call) and RMI (Remote Method Invocation).

(Development of database management systems)

  1. Relational algebra operations
  2. Estimating the cost of operations
  3. Analysis of join algorithms

(Distributed and parallel programming)

  1. Classification of multiprocessor platform architectures.
  2. Principles of parallel algorithm design: partitioning, communication, agglomeration, mapping.
  3. Speed-up and efficiency of parallel algorithms

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